Thursday, July 01, 2010

1 month down

Today marks the official 1 month in Texas. It has been a very long month! It already seems like I have lived here for quite a while. I am starting to even get used to this heat. Wendi and I were driving yesterday and she complained that it was hot in the Jeep. I told her to roll down her window because it felt nice outside. The Jeep's temperature read 89 degrees. Since when has 89 degrees been nice???

I am starting to get VERY excited to begin school. It seems like I haven't been in school for so long. This might possibly be one of the longest summers I have ever had. We found one of Frisco, TX's wonders: THE SNOW-CONE LADY! This is her official title. She apparently makes her own snow-cone syrups. I thought that every snow-cone would be the same as all others. I was wrong! It is wonderful! There is always a line as well. Our first time going we stood in line for about 30 minutes just to savor the "Rockn'Roll" frozen treat. Mmm... If anyone wants to come visit we will treat you to this wonderful deliciousness.