Sunday, January 31, 2010

Almost done

Tomorrow begins my final semester of my Undergraduate degree. Finally! It only took me 6 years to finish a 4 year degree. Not to bad considering my first year or so was spent without a direction in mind. My purpose is now clear, and Praise GOD! It is so much nicer to have a direction behind the hours spent in a classroom. Not to mention the cost. I have 15 weeks of classes to go. This means I have about 17 weeks or so of classes before I move to Texas. WooHoo! I am very excited to close one chapter in my life and begin another. It is scary and exciting at the same time. I really have no idea what is in store for the next few years ahead.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Just Cruisin'

We're back! Wendi and I took a break from the everyday life and went on a cruise last week. We went with my Parents, and Grandparents. It was a blast. It was also really nice to get away from this cold weather for a week. This picture is one of many that we took on this cruise. Wendi and I are all set up to go swinging on a zip line in Isla Roatan, Honduras. It was so much fun! It was probably one of those once in a lifetime kind of things. We visited Belize and Cozumel as well. We came back with many souvenirs. Even better then the gifts we brought home were the relationships that were strengthened. It was great for me to get to go with my Grandpa. I don't get to see him very often at all. I was really surprised to see how much we actually are alike. He isn't the Grandpa that I remember from my childhood. It was also nice to spend some time with my parents as well. Wendi and I are trying to take advantage of the time we have with family now. We only have 4 months left until DTS. It was also great to spend some great quality time with my Bride. It is nice to get away from the world and spend time with the one I love.

P.S.- Sorry for such a long time between posts. Life caught up with me and I totally forgot I even had a blog. Hopefully I can keep this updated a little bit more often.