Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Hello World

Man it has been a really long time since I have updated my blog! So much has changed since the last update. I am now officially a graduate! I never really thought that I would get a Bachelors degree. I always thought of myself more of an Associates degree at best kind of a person. Here I am now with my BS completed, and am about to begin work on my Masters. Whoa!

Wendi and I have made the move down to the great state of Texas. We moved into our apartment on June 1st. It is just now starting to actually feel like home. I have a great lead on a job, but I won't really know much more about it until July or so. Wendi is still actively looking for a job. It is so frustrating at times. We are starting to become acclimated to Texas though. The heat doesn't seem nearly as bad now as it did when we first arrived. We are starting to also find our way around town. The milk here is extremely cheap! We paid $1.98 for a full gallon last night. If only my car would run on milk! It hasn't been bad being separated from family yet. Skype helps out a lot. I am sure that it will start to become an issue later on. We are planning on coming home for Thanksgiving, but it all kind of depends on what the job situations are, and if we will have some time off or not.

I begin school towards the end of August. I am a bunch of emotions when it comes to DTS. I am excited to begin, anxious, and also slightly worried. School usually comes very easy to me, and takes little effort for me to succeed. I have a feeling DTS will change the little effort part. I have most of my syllabus's for my upcoming classes. So far it doesn't look to be to terribly hard. I am taking 16 hours though. A couple of my classes end around November though which will be nice. This December will be very tough with finals, and then very rewarding when it is all complete. DTS is located directly downtown. I was originally planning on carpooling down to DTS each day. I have started to look into the DART however. This is Dallas's rail system. It would go from Plano, TX all the way near DTS. I could hop on a bus for a quick ride to DTS then. The total commute with rail and bus combined is about an hour. It is only like $4 for a whole day as well. This is a viable option. I wouldn't have to worry about traffic, and could study/sleep on the way to class each morning. I think later this week we are going to get up early and take a test run just to see how well it will work.

Well that is just a little quick update. I am still alive.

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