Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I'm branded

Jeep, Taylor, Apple, Blackberry.

These are my brandings. Just as a rancher would place a hot iron into the hide of a cow as an identifier, our modern society's marketing strategy is the same. The best advertisement is one that walks among the target audience everyday. In my mind I now associate the top products with these companies. If I had unlimited funds, and was looking to buy a new guitar; Taylor here I come. If a new vehicle is in order; Jeep Wrangler is where it's at for me. I am tied to these companies and these products, and it is evident in the clothes I wear, and the tools I use.

This got me thinking. Where is my Jesus Christ brand? Is it evidenced in my actions just as these other brands are? When you look at me do you see an Apple guy because I have the think rimmed glasses? Do you also see my Christ branding? Is it obvious? Is it branded upon my flesh? Would the ultimate rancher know I was His?


  1. Nicely said. Good stuff


  2. Dude, all you needed was "Nikon" This is the best preaching that I've heard in some time.
    Thanks Dad