Sunday, December 19, 2010


I opened a Christmas present early this year. It was from my parents, and I did it with permission. I got one of Dad's older cameras. I am super excited to venture into the world of Photography. Well I just found a new website to make everything a little more simple. The website is Its a pretty awesome website. It compares a bunch of lenses for you and gives you the details on each. It can also be set to organize everything based upon price. You don't have to know much about the lenses either. Pretty much have to choose what style of photography you are wanting to do. You can also choose what level of zoom you want. It bases it upon the factors that you put in there, and finds some lenses that will match your criteria. Its a pretty awesome set-up for those who are new to the Photography world. Be sure to check them out at LensHero.

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  1. The mpre images that you do the more stuff you think you need, but the best image your ever going to get is with the stuff you have, so get out there and make some images.