Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Dave Ramsey

Wendi and I began our first week of Financial Peace University from Dave Ramsey. I am very excited to go through this course. I have read a few of his books, and heard most of his lessons already. What will be different is the support of my wife, as well as the accountability that comes with it. The people in the group are going to help out quite a bit with the accountability part. I am hoping that we can become debt free, and gain some money. I would love to be able to graduate from college, and be able to pay out of my own pocket for my Masters degree. I already owe enough as it is in student loans.

I am beginning to go through the entire Bible in a year tomorrow. I have been skipping around quite a bit throughout scripture. I am going to read part of the OT and part of the NT each day. I think it will be a great experience. To often I miss so much by skipping around scripture. Quite a few of my professors here at school suggest preaching expositionally instead of topically. I am starting to understand why. Topical sermons have their place, but it seems that expositional preaching is the way that makes more sense to me. For instance: If I were to preach through the book of Romans, I would cover an array of topics from gay marriage to predestination. It is the way that the scriptures were written.

God has been setting me on fire lately. He has renewed a fire within my soul. I am hungry for His word. It is a great place to be in.

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  1. I've gone through the Bible in a year and it's a good thing, however I tend to learn more when I take one book at a time and dig deeper into it. When I read the bible in a year I tend to just read and not study. I do believe that everyone should read the bible in a year ou will recieve a bless from doing so.
    I believe that God is also leading me to change to a more expostional style of teaching the word one book at a time, will be more work on my part but it will grow me in the knowledge of the Lord.