Sunday, May 31, 2009


Sorry for such a long delay in blogging. The semester was coming to a close which meant I had to finish up all my papers, and study for finals. I ended up doing well last semester. I had a chance for straight A's, but managed to pull out two B's. Oh well. Another semester in the books. I only have 8 classes left until I am done with my undergrad. HALLELUJAH! I am taking 5 classes this Fall, and then 3 classes next Spring. I am also planning on taking an online class next Spring at DTS. Anyone know if that will make me a full-time student? I have student loans, and really don't want to start paying on them now. Hopefully in order to be considered a full-time student it is only 12 hours, and not 12 hours at one institution.
I have just completed my application for DTS. Now I just need to mail my previous schools and get them to send my transcripts on their way. I am very excited to be heading to Dallas. I know that I will learn so much while attending there, and I know that it will bring me closer to God during my time there. I am very afraid at the same time though. One of my major fears is for Wendi. She is definitely a Home-body. I'm not sure how she will take the distance between her family. Keep her in your prayers please. I am also afraid of the financial situation it will put us in. DTS is twice as much as I am currently paying. They say they offer quite a few scholarships though. Hopefully Wendi will find another great job, and I will be able to find another great part-time job, and somehow we will be able to squeeze the pennies tight enough to make it.
I have also made another huge step in my life. Wendi and I completed our first budget on Thursday. Thanks Dave Ramsey! It only took us about 2 hours, and no punches were thrown. I understood before the budget that as a woman, Wendi needed security. I saw this put into action when we finished up our budget. As soon as we balanced everything out, and every dollar was spent on paper before we were paid, a burden seemed to be lifted from her, and I saw joy in her face. If nothing else, the budget was worth it to see that. Dave Ramsey hosted an event called "Town Hall for Hope" on May 2nd this year. I watched it yesterday while at work. It is superb!! If you have any questions about the economy, or are just curious like I was then watch it. It is almost 2 hours long, but well worth it!

Click here to watch it on HULU

I was left with a little bit of hope for our current situation in this economy. He makes some great points and really gets you thinking.
Alright, well that is the current update of my life. Hopefully I will be back on here soon, but I can't guarantee anything.

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